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The Boy is back in town!

Its been a long hard time coming but I’m back on my wheels, its not been easy but i’ve powered through with support from my friends and family. I was physically and mentally injured for some time but got the best possible help needed to get me back on track.

It hasn’t been the easiest of times but i’m trying to get trough the show (p.s. I’m knackered). I just wanna take this opportunity to thank my family for being there for me and my extend family too, I have a beautiful lady who has kept me sane and strong and wonderful friends who kept me safe and sane. Thank you all

Also I wanna mention that we lost a good man this year, my best friend Matt ‘Bam Bam’ Beadle. He was a wonderful man, an awesome performer and an even better friend. We love you and miss you, rest well x

It's been a while…..

So…. I’m now a fully fledged member of the show, I’ve been performing for almost 6 weeks now and getting more and more comfortable every day. Opening night was crazy, my parents watched (as if it wasn’t nerve racking enough). I can’t complain tho, it went really well. I stayed on my feet. Only had one major stack so far (Touch wood), I fell during “The rap”. Just missed my footing and went down (almost into the audience). Funny tho! The Pyros also still scare me a bit, i’m just worried about getting someone with the it. I find the skating a killer, it really tires me out and at night all I can think about is getting home to bed. lol

Starting grease ball stuff now, its great, looking forward to getting on for it. I love being kept busy.

Had my first break, went home for a wedding. It was only 3 days but i loved it however really felt the difference after having the time off. ha! So i’m back now and powering through our first 8 show week! Next big exciting event is my birthday! CAN’T WAIT!!!

Tough times are rolling by

Currently I’m sat on my sofa with my lovely lady after a long hard day of skating and choreography nursing my battered and bruised body. We’ve already been skating for 9 weeks and I’ve loved it. I believe you can never really appreciate Starlight Express until you’ve suffered skate school. I can truly say I fully admire anyone who has ever done this show. It takes some incredible strength both physically and mentally (especially when they start doing choreography). I’m currently working my way through the Electra Choreo, its very hard and technical but i’m still enjoying it. Plus i have the added bonus of being here with some incredible people and some of my closest friends. I look forward now to opening now and hope to see you there!

One ends and another begins

Well my time with the wonderful people at the Rocky Horror Show has come to an end and its on to bigger and better things. I had an amazing time and had an amesome send off. I left with Elliot Powell, one of ours swings who has moved onto “The King and I” UK tour. I wish him well in his new production. I had some funny moments in our “Last Matinee”. The best moment for me was when the cast can over and gave me a cuddle during “ I’m going home” (I was on for Frank btw). It made me cry, the people there made me feel like a King and I feel the same about them, what a wonderfully talented group of people. If you haven’t seen the show yet make sure and pop along. Ross Aldred is now playing Riff Raff, he’s great and awesome at Frank too. Enjoy!

After a manic break of a week and a half where I travelled from Glasgow to Bochum is 3 days and back with a day in the middle to move out of my London flat that I shared with Ewan (Rocky Horror) I was ready to begin ‘rolling along’. (Not gonna lie, was a little bit emotional leaving my old flat with Ewan, its the end of an era.) So off to Bochum I went to join my lovely lady and begin in Lloyd Webber’s “Starlight Express”. I can safely say that after a week I enjoy having wheels on my feet, of course its early days and no doubt when the pain starts getting worse I’ll feel differently. At least for the time being I’m loving it, but once I start crying I’ll let you know. The guys (and girl) of the “Newbies” are awesome, we have some great characters and some good team spirit. Nice cushioning into a new job after leaving such a family position. I’m looking forward to whats in store here.

..and now the end is near

So it’s Bremen and its my last double show day. I have a Riff Raff and a Frank to go. Only 3 days left after this one and i’m very sad to be leaving. I’ve met some great people on this job and some incredible talent but most of all I’ve made some incredible friends. You know you have good friends when they take you through thick and thin and are there for you no matter what (even when you have to be stuck with you 24/7). I ‘m so pleased to be part of this production and would happily do it again but I know it wouldn’t be the same without the team we have here. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all. x