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Jan 2012

..and now the end is near

So it’s Bremen and its my last double show day. I have a Riff Raff and a Frank to go. Only 3 days left after this one and i’m very sad to be leaving. I’ve met some great people on this job and some incredible talent but most of all I’ve made some incredible friends. You know you have good friends when they take you through thick and thin and are there for you no matter what (even when you have to be stuck with you 24/7). I ‘m so pleased to be part of this production and would happily do it again but I know it wouldn’t be the same without the team we have here. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all. x

New Year and New Page

Well the time has FINALLY arrived, I have managed to put my page together. So here is the new and improved Since I’ve last been here lots have happened.

Christmas and Vienna

I had an awesome time in Vienna, such a cool city. We had a minor set back with our hotel and luggage when we first got there but it was all sorted. Here we also got to meet our new cast members who are fitting in nicely, we do miss our oldies too tho. I had a few visitors in vienna, my girlfriend, my best friend and an old work colleague all came over at different times and it really got the month in. Also what a great city to have them in. Vienna at Christmas is stunning. Great times had all round.

I manage to get home for christmas for a whole week and I couldn’t be happier. I had the best time seeing my family and friends, and really letting my hair down.

Happy new year

Well 2012 is upon us and fun times to be had, we’ve been in Mannheim to celebrate the it, Dortmund to bring it in. We are now in Oberhausen again. Sadly my time here is going rather fast but I’m loving every minute. 2 weeks to go and I’m going to miss it very much