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It's been a while…..

So…. I’m now a fully fledged member of the show, I’ve been performing for almost 6 weeks now and getting more and more comfortable every day. Opening night was crazy, my parents watched (as if it wasn’t nerve racking enough). I can’t complain tho, it went really well. I stayed on my feet. Only had one major stack so far (Touch wood), I fell during “The rap”. Just missed my footing and went down (almost into the audience). Funny tho! The Pyros also still scare me a bit, i’m just worried about getting someone with the it. I find the skating a killer, it really tires me out and at night all I can think about is getting home to bed. lol

Starting grease ball stuff now, its great, looking forward to getting on for it. I love being kept busy.

Had my first break, went home for a wedding. It was only 3 days but i loved it however really felt the difference after having the time off. ha! So i’m back now and powering through our first 8 show week! Next big exciting event is my birthday! CAN’T WAIT!!!